Cauldron is a wealthy port city on the eastern coast of Polina’s southern island. The city’s placement has allowed it to receive trade from not only the Polina mainland, but the Elven and Dwarven nations as well as some illicit smuggling to and from the Free-Trade Nations.

Instead of being a walled-off and tightly backed city like some of the older Imperial urban areas, it is instead an urban sprawl, eating up what was once farmland and wilderness around it, making room for the people who keep flocking there. Part of the city’s most recent expansion project was increasing the channeling field around the city, which licensed mages may draw from in order to utilize their powers more easily, as well as powering the public utilities. Unfortunately, this has all had a detrimental effect on the surrounding farmland, both from the heightened magical presence as well as the merchant class eagerly buying up their now much more profitable land. In addition to some of these woes for the farmers closest to the city, there is also an additional problem the field workers of old have been being replaced by more advanced farming constructs, causing much more of the Lower Caste to flock into the slums of Cauldron.

Many of the Unborn who have left the army after peace was declared between Aenir and Polina, marking the end of the Progenitor War have also found their homes within the city limits of Cauldron. Having little use for human society, these people tend to congregate in Community Centers which are generally take the form of a relatively undecorated, densely-populated and surprisingly clean area around a larger building where the Unborn will socialize, practice various fighting skills, or play against each other in games of skill and chance in order to pass the time. In these Community Centers, non-Unborn are almost completely unheard of, with stores and other mercantile areas such as taverns being exceedingly rare. Cauldron is, however, known for a number of high-quality Unborn blacksmiths and other craftsmen within these Community Centers.

Organizations in Cauldron

  • The Black Dogs
  • Guardiani—The city guardsmen.
  • The Opoli Family—the most powerful noble family in Cauldron, they and their supporters control many of the position of power within the city. This position allows them to control how to allocate much of the funding for Imperial programs such as the Guardiani and state magical research in Crux.
  • Sole Incantato—A private mercenary organization, almost exclusively in the employ of the richest castes and largest businesses in southern Polina. Known for their large amount of magical weaponry, and lucrative contracts with both the Academy of Kinetronic Science and the Automa manufacturers. Their ruthless efficiency has wrestled much of the private security business away from Thunder and Blunder.
  • Thunder and Blunder—Once the largest private mercenary organization in Crux, Thunder and Blunder has been in steady decline for years. Often considering nothing more than docks district thugs by the wealthier members of Cauldron society, they nevertheless still have their place in the city. Known for incredibly reasonable rates as well as a high record of success, (at least where the Sole Incantato isn’t involved) they are a favorite of trade ship captains and smaller players in Cauldron’s economics. The Black Dogs often use them for their private security as well.


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