When the folk races of Crux spread out across the world, states and societies tended to segregate naturally along racial lines. As such, most of the nations and other political regions are dominantly populated and ruled by one specific race of people. The only significant exception to the rule are the Free Trade Nations, being a coalition of smaller nations determined to be able to compete with the larger powers, and the Polina Empire to a lesser extent, having large areas of occupied lands originally belonging to other nations.

The nations of Crux include: Non-Centralized groups include
  • The Great Horde—A coalition of Orcish tribes and the Goblin protectorate.
  • Free Trade Nations—While not dominated by any one race, the Saurian make up a slim majority of the populace.

“Wild” areas that no specific nations’ claims to control are referred to as the Savage Lands

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